Let’s Go on an #UrbanLionSafari 

Posted August 10, 2022 by Lily Maynard

Iconic Lions 

African lions are a mighty predator. They are built to catch animals that are bigger, faster, and stronger than themselves, often sneaking up on prey in the dark while using their night vision, stealth, and teamwork. Lions live in social groups called prides, with females doing most of the hunting and dominant males protecting them, as well as their cubs, from harm.

Male lions can be identified by their distinctive manes, which females do not have. Even more recognizable than their mane is their roar. A lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away—that’s nearly 80 soccer fields! If you listen closely, you might hear a roar from the Cincinnati Zoo all the way to TQL Stadium courtesy of our lions, John and Imani!

Lions have vanished from 92% of their historic range. Over the last 28 years, lion populations in Africa have been cut in half, with less than 20,000 individuals left. Fortunately, communities in Africa are working hard to preserve this species by coexisting with wildlife. Your support by counting our pride and sharing with friends or adopting a lion enables empowerment to these communities and a future with wild lions!

Active Partnership with SORALO  

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is growing our active leadership in conservation to achieve our vision of facilitating a brighter future for wildlife and people. For over 15 years, the Zoo has been partnered with SORALO to support lion conservation and community coexistence. SORALO is a community-driven land trust uniting 27 Maasai communities in the South Rift valley of Kenya in the management of their landscape, wildlife, and culture. These communities host one of the richest large mammal populations on earth, including increasing lion populations! All with no fences or barriers, since this landscape is far away from any national park. We partner to promote coexistence, cultural and ecological conservation, community empowerment, and the integrity of this landscape for the benefit of its people and wildlife.

Cincinnati Zoo Leads AZA SAFE African Lions  

The Cincinnati Zoo has recently been elected to lead the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) SAFE African Lion program. This program seeks to “Save Animals From Extinction”, and our Director of Global Conservation, Dr. Lily Maynard, is leading the initiative to create new collaboration opportunities for all zoos and aquariums to coordinate our support for lion conservation. Stay tuned in September for a new partnership between the Cincinnati Zoo, AZA and the Tusk Trust to support the Wildlife Ranger Challenge!

Get Involved!

Let’s Go on an #UrbanLionSafari 

Wild lions are vanishing rapidly. Roar with us this World Lion Day and help us turn up the volume on this quiet crisis.There are fewer lions in the world than rhinos or gorillas, and their populations are decreasing. The disappearance of lions would mean the loss of a cultural icon the world over. Let’s not let that happen.

Our partners at Rebuilding the Pride and Lion Landscapes want to know if our pride is bigger than theirs in Kenya and Tanzania! While they have wild lions, we have lion images, statues, and icons all over our communities. Let’s go on an #UrbanLionSafari! Snap a pic with any lions you find and help us count our pride and upload to social media with #UrbanLionSafari.

Special Lion A.D.O.P.T. 

Did you know – FC Cincinnati’s TQL Stadium has more seats (26,000) than lions (20,000) left in Africa?

In honor of World Lion Day, the Cincinnati Zoo has partnered with FC Cincinnati to offer a special lion A.D.O.P.T. between Aug. 10-17. You will be entered to win an original painting by John the lion, a Zoo family membership, and 4 tickets to a mutually agreed upon 2022 FC Cincinnati home match! Your A.D.O.P.T. gift helps provide food, toys, and fun enrichment items for the lions and other animals at the Zoo.

FC Cincinnati Ticket Package 

In honor of World Lion Day on August 10, FC Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden have teamed up to support lion conservation. Fans can purchase tickets for select home games in 2022, and $5 from each ticket will be donated to SORALO (South Rift Association of Land Owners). All tickets will be mobile and can be accessed through the SeatGeek Mobile App.

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