Lincoln Heights Community Makeover

Posted August 3, 2022 by Mark Fisher

Today was one of those days when it really hits ya. How impactful our Zoo is. While everyone is going crazy about our new baby hippo that came into this world this morning (and rightfully so – nothing cuter than a baby hippo!) – the Zoo’s Horticulture and Facilities teams were pouring some sweat equity into our annual partnership with the Reds and P&G and Children’s Hospital through the Red’s Community Fund.

Last year, we helped create the Rockdale Urban Learning Garden. This year was Lincoln Heights. 100 trees, thousands of perennials (pollinator friendly of course!), hundreds of yards of soil and mulch, hundreds of gallons of paint, a dozen kW of solar (via SonLight Power!) and so much more – was spread across six sites in the village with literally 500 volunteers.

Another home run by our team and the amazing volunteers! So much work behind the scenes, literally a year of planning and prepping.

So today, inside of the Zoo – we did what we do best and that is inspiring people with wildlife every day. And also today, outside of the Zoo – we did what we do best – and that is pour our hearts and souls into a community that is in need of love and support and we do that through beautification. Both events today will live on for decades, leaving a lasting legacy on our community. That’s what it’s all about folks. Doesn’t get any better than this.

Thank you to the village of Lincoln Heights for the opportunity to serve.