Listen Up: It’s Cincinnati Zoo Tales

Posted January 18, 2021 by Jenna Wingate
Jenna and baby Fiona in 2017

The Cincinnati Zoo is launching a brand new podcast! This podcast aims to bring you interesting stories and interviews and tips on making the world a better place. We will explore all sorts of topics from animals living at the Cincinnati Zoo, to the people who help the zoo run, highlighting other nonprofits working to make a difference and more! We will end each episode with a small action item that you can do to make a difference. My name is Jenna (Cincinnati Zoo Senior Africa Keeper), and my colleague Sam (Coordinator of Wild Encounters and Fun at the Cincinnati Zoo) and I will be your hosts! We hope you enjoy getting behind-the-scenes views of the zoo, its employees and residents, and others in our community doing their part to make a difference.


Working at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has been a dream come true and I am proud to know I am making a difference.  The work we get to do here every day is inspiring and meaningful but working with animals and loving wildlife feels insufficient when I look at global issues. Way back in 2019, I had the dream to start a podcast that could help inspire people to ask themselves “what can I do?” and also leave them with the answer to that question. Sometimes all we need is knowledge of how to take action to be better stewards of the earth. In January of 2020, that dream started to come true with the help of our amazing PR and marketing team.  I asked Sam if he would want to co-host the show with me and we started recording episodes right away!


Then our world changed. With COVID-19, we were forced to put this work on hold. I couldn’t let my belief go that small actions every day can and will make a difference, so we found a safe way to continue recording episodes to make this happen! We are so excited to finally release Cincinnati Zoo Tales!

Our conservation conversations will cover topics about our favorite animals and actions that you can take to protect them and the rest of the planet.

We will talk about kangaroos, sloth love stories and of course…Fiona! We will also talk to people making a difference through education, working with pollinators, recycling and more. The common theme of each episode will be that it will end with an answer to the question “what can I do?”. I hope to make it feel simple for others to be better stewards of the earth by answering that question for them. We don’t have to be perfect to make a difference, but small steps can have an impact and it all adds up.

Jenna, Sam and their first guest, Chad Yelton

Each episode will include a guest interview and a discussion about small steps individuals can take to save species, conserve natural resources, and make the earth a better place for the next generation.

So join us on this unique journey for difference-makers! We will release new episodes bi-weekly and work to cultivate a community of conservationists who can be a part of the solution, every day!