Meet the 2024 Zoo Babies!

Posted May 1, 2024 by Angela Hatke

The Cincinnati Zoo is welcoming its newest arrivals! Help us celebrate the babies at the Zoo!

Beyond the cuteness factor, the Zoo Babies celebration serves as a reminder of the importance of wildlife conservation. Through educational programs and habitats throughout the Zoo, visitors are invited to learn about the challenges facing these animals in the wild and what they can do to make a difference in their survival.

Meet the Zoo Babies


Species: Two-Toed Sloth

Baby: Juno

Sex: Male

Birthday: 6/7/2023

Parents: Moe & Lightning

Baby birth weight: 500 grams

Cincinnati Zoo’s Sloth Conservation Connection


Species: Bat-Eared Fox

Baby: Kalahari (Kal)

Sex: Male

Birthday: 4/5/2024

Parents: Frankie & Otis

Baby birth weight: 145 grams

Baby current weight: 333 grams (as of 4/21/24)

He will be a part of the Cat Ambassador Program.


Sepcies: Opossum

Baby: Opal

Sex: Female

Born: February 2023

Baby current weight: 2,145 grams (as of 4/26/24)

Opal was rescued in Northern Ohio in 2023 and now is a great animal ambassador at the Cincinnati Zoo, teaching guests about the importance of local wildlife!


Species: Hippo
Baby: Fritz
Sex: Male
Birthday: 8/3/22
Parents: Bibi & Tucker
Baby birth weight: 80 pounds
Baby current weight: 1,018 pounds (as of 2/15/24)

What are we doing to help save hippos?

Listen to Hippo Podcast


Species: Cape Porcupine
Baby: Violet
Sex: Female
Birthday: 10/10/23
Baby birth weight: 405 grams
Baby current weight: 11.95kg (as of 4/15/24)
As she grows up, guests will begin to see Voilet in the Kroger Cheetah Encounter.


Species: Lesser Kudu
Baby: Maizy
Sex: Female
Birthday: 1/15/24
Parents: Sabi & Hobbes
Baby birth weight: 5.44 kg
Baby current weight: 20.9 kg (as of 4/21/24)
Listen to Lesser Kudu Podcast


Species: Okapi
Baby: Mokonzi
Sex: Male
Birthday: 12/17/23
Parents: Kuvua & Koloro
Baby birth weight: 65 pounds
Baby current weight: 276 pounds as of 4/18/24
Okapi Conservation Connection
Podcast with Okapi Keeper


Species: Eastern Bongo 
Baby: Beaudan
Sex: Male
Birthday: 6/20/23
Mom: Stevie
Baby birth weight: 19.5kg
Baby current weight: 257lbs as of 4/20/24
Conservation: Critically Endangered

Nolia, Waffles & Amethyst

Species: Manatees
Babies: Nolia, Waffles, Amethyst
Sex: Females
Ages: all around 2 years old
Weights: 510 pounds (Nolia, as of 3/28/24), 540 pounds (Waffles, as of 3/28/24), 433 pounds (Amethyst, as of 3/28/24)
Manatee Conservation Connection
The orphaned manatees arrived in October 2023. They will be released most likely later this year when they are big and strong enough!


Species: Little Blue Penguin
Baby: Brisket
Sex: Undetermined
Hatched: 2/19/24
Parents: Crepe & Jalapeño
Baby hatch weight: 44.53 grams
Baby current weight: 1,070 grams
Saving Little Blue Penguins

keepers smiling and bottle feeding maizy the baby lesser kudu

Zoo Babies 2024

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