Dornette Kanga’ Klimb will  reopen in April 2022

Elevate your Cincinnati Zoo experience! The Cincinnati Zoo’s aerial Adventure Course Kanga’ Klimb is a must for fun and adventure! This elevated course features a series of activities designed to safely test your balance and climbing skills plus increase self-reliance.

More about Kanga' Klimb

After putting on a harness and a helmet, you and your friends will head across the bridge to the central hub platform. From there, 4 other platforms beckon you to complete 58 elements. A skilled guide will encourage you along and give tips for navigating the system. Obstacles include swinging logs, plank walk, tight rope, Burma bridge, spider web, post hop and balance beam to name a few.

In addition to the above guidelines….No loose fitting costumes, accessories, or props may be worn on the course. This includes but is not limited to wigs, hats, capes, chains, robes, ect. No costumes that restrict movement or prevent the harnesses from properly fitting. Loose onesies, bulky costumes, or inflatables, are not allowed.

After you purchase tickets at the course, please fill out this waiver:

Kanga’ Klimb Waiver