Rare Opportunity to Hear a Voice for the Trees

Posted April 5, 2024

Discover the heartbeat of nature with Dr. Diana Beresford-Kroeger at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on April 17, 2024. Dr. Beresford-Kroeger is not just a scientist; she is a custodian of our planet’s green heritage, a passionate advocate for the interconnectedness of life, and a storyteller whose narratives are rooted deeply in the heart of nature. Her work bridges the gap between traditional Celtic wisdom and modern science, offering groundbreaking insights into how trees and forests can combat climate change and improve our lives.

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She will be speaking at the Zoo as part of its prestigious Barrows Conservation Lecture Series and will be honored with the Cincinnati Zoo’s prestigious Wildlife Conservation Award, which is reserved for individuals whose work embodies the Zoo’s commitment to being a world leader in conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Dr. Beresford-Kroeger will share her profound understanding of the global forest, its intricate network, and its critical importance to our planet’s future. Her vision for a bioplanetary network of interconnected forests proposes a viable solution to climate change, promising a sustainable future for all living beings.

Your presence at this event supports not only the Barrows Conservation Lecture Series but also the Cincinnati Zoo’s broader mission to inspire every visitor with wildlife every day. By attending, you become a vital part of our journey to prioritize conservation and sustainability, helping to ensure a greener, more vibrant world for future generations.