Remembering Red Panda Lin

Posted February 22, 2024 by Julie Grove

The Zoo team lost a very special animal last week. We had to say goodbye to sweet red panda, Lin. Lin was 10 years old and was loved by everyone she met. She was born here at the zoo and then went on to have 10 offspring of her own. She would always stand for her ultrasound while she ate her favorite treat, apple slices. Her care team and our vet team worked hard to treat recent weight loss and elevated liver values, but after a rapid decline in her health had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye.

Children’s Zoo Team Leader, Mary F., added “Lin was a wonderfully kind panda who was an amazing ambassador for her species. She was a rock star mom and was beloved by all her caretakers here in Cincinnati. I will miss her so much! I really try to stay emotionally detached/reserved with the animals here at the zoo. I think it’s the only way to stay sane! Lin was however very special to me. I have many pictures of the 2 of us huddled together like we are solving the world’s problems. After 30+ years here at the zoo, she is one I will remember always!”

Children’s Zoo Senior Keeper, Paul R., “Lin was an incredibly cool, well behaved and unique panda. We have had a lot of pandas here but she was just the best. We are going to miss her so much.”