Summer Campers Speak Up for Wildlife!

Posted September 2, 2018 by Sarah Navarro

Every animal species has a story, but sometimes they need someone to tell it for them. That’s just what our 7th-8th grade summer campers participating in the Working with Wildlife camp got to do this summer! During camp, they got the chance to choose animals that interested and inspired them and filmed, scripted, and edited their ideas into 90-second “ZooTube” videos about these animals. These videos were then shared in a presentation for their friends and family on the last day of camp. Many of the participants in this program love nature and envision working in a career with wildlife in the future. Learning to speak up for wildlife is an important skill to develop now as education and outreach become and increasingly important part of all careers with nature and wildlife. We are so proud of these campers finding their voices. Click on the videos to enjoy their masterpieces for yourselves!

Week 1 Videos

Week 2 Videos

Week 3 Videos

Week 4 Videos

Week 5  Videos

Week 6 Videos

Week 7 Videos

Week 8 Videos

Week 9 Videos

Week 10 Videos

Week 11 Videos

Week 12 Videos