Turn Off a Light for the Cincinnati Zoo!

Posted January 22, 2014

Share your green and sustainable actions on the myActions social network to support the Cincinnati Zoo and help reach myActions’ goal to register “One Million Actions for Planet Earth.”

Each action you share triggers a small donation for the zoo!  Simple actions, such as turning off the lights, carpooling, and recycling, add up to big results! myActions encourages you to share photos, give feedback to others, and invite your friends and family to participate.

The One Million Actions campaign consists of two challenge periods. The winter challenge, Jan. 27 – Feb. 17, will get supporters in the habit of logging actions on myActions.org. Then, beginning March 31, the spring challenge will call for all to recruit others and share as many actions as possible toward the goal of one million, culminating in an Earth Week Celebration.

We’re competing with other zoos in the region, including Columbus, Louisville & Pittsburgh, to see who will inspire their supporters to share the most actions! Help us defend our title as the “Greenest Zoo in America!”

To get started:

  1. Sign-up now at myActions.org.
  2. Select “Cincinnati” from the list of Zoos and pick your favorite cause. myActions2
  3. Start logging your actions!
After you sign up and select your cause, click the “Action” link in the upper right corner of your browser. Then select the “Share an Action” tab and choose from the menu of actions provided.

iPhone users can download the myActions app to make sharing even easier!