Virtual Pollinator Carnival 6-22 to 6-28

Posted June 22, 2020

Learn about the importance of pollinators and how to grow pollinator-friendly gardens during our virtual Pollinator Carnival, presented by Simple Truth.  Fun and educational activities for the whole family will be shared on each day, starting today, during National Pollinator’s Week.

About Pollinators Video

“We hope to inspire people to plant pollinator gardens this week,” said Cincinnati Zoo horticulturist Scott Beurlein. “The importance of pollinators, including bees, birds, butterflies, bats, and beetles, cannot be overstated.  Without them, there’s no food for us.”

Thirteen years ago, the U.S. Senate recognized the need to address the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations and designated June 22-28 as “National Pollinator Week”.  In lieu of the usual on-site carnival, Cincinnati Zoo’s Pollen Nation team has created the following pollinator-friendly activities to do throughout the week.

  • June 22: Learn about the different kinds of pollinators and why they are important. Go on a scavenger hunt to find pollinators in their natural habitat outside.
  • June 23: Learn why planting a pollinator garden is beneficial for people and pollinators alike. Make a bee from an upcycled egg carton.
  • June 24: Learn how you can help pollinators by taking the Plant for Pollinators Challenge. Make your own hummingbird feeder.
  • June 25: Learn how to plan a new pollinator garden. Make a bee and butterfly bath.
  • June 26: Learn how to plant a pollinator garden. Investigate plants and pollinators and share your findings.
  • June 27: Learn how to care for a new pollinator garden. Make fun foods with ingredients that wouldn’t exist without the help of pollinators.
  • June 28: Celebrate with an outdoor game of Pollinator BINGO with your family.

Visit the Pollinator Carnival page each day this week to get videos and materials to go with these activities.