We’re a Blue Manatee Char-atee (Charity)

Posted February 8, 2012

Special Benefits for Cool Customers!

Blue Manatee is encouraging customers to “buy local and share the love” with their blue manatee:humanatee cool customer card.  Cool customers receive immediate ‘thank you’ goodies including a discount code for blue manatee boxes  followed by a wealth of family-friendly benefits, including discounts, rebates, special invites, and more.  Each family member even gets a free manatee cookie and ‘just right’ beverage on their birthday.  And 1% of annual sales will be donated to your chosen non-profit (we hope you pick the Cincinnati Zoo!)!

Card Details:
For a one-time fee of $15, you receive:

•a coupon for any “just right” beverage in the decafé
•a $5 off coupon for the bookstore
•a discount code for bluemanateeboxes.com
•a mini-coupon for a free mini-muffin
…and that’s just when you sign up!

but wait! there’s more:

•earn a $10 store-wide coupon for every $150 in sales
•$1 drip coffee, tea, or hot chocolate- any size, every day
•20% off hardcover chapter books, local authors, plush, and toys
•20% off ManaGear: shirts, totes, and other stylish stuff
•birthday treats: smoothie or coffee drink, plus manatee cookie
for each family member on their special day
•invitations to special events and secret sales
•keep track of the books you purchase

Stop by Blue Manatee in Oakley to sign up for your card… if you’re cool 🙂