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You have three goals: Aim high, stand tall, and get spotted! As a giraffe, you are always trying new things, which makes the experience super special when you are spending time with your herd! Sampling tasty foods, playing a new game, or exploring somewhere you have not been before, all sounds like a fun option to the giraffe!

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What can you do for Giraffes?

Giraffe (Photo: Lisa Hubbard)

Communities standing tall

As expert voices for wildlife and their communities, indigenous leaders pass down important information through generations about the land, the creatures they share it with, and the ways we can all better coexist with wildlife. Listen to an indigenous community leader at one of the Zoo's own Barrows Conservation Lectures or find a good documentary or book to learn more about coexisting with wildlife!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Giraffes?

The Cincinnati Zoo believes that conservation is done best when we empower local communities.

Our partner organizations like the Wild Nature Institute in Tanzania and the South Rift Association of Land Owners (SORALO) in Kenya are full of conservation leaders who have been coexisting with wildlife for centuries. By listening to these leaders and following in their guidance, we can best preserve the environment for centuries to come. 

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Come see the Giraffes at the Zoo:

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