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Like the Famous Fiona, you are full of personality! You enjoy finding new activities to do and new places to explore alongside your bloat!

You are compatible with…

Red Panda


What can you do for Hippos?

Bibi the hippo and Fiona and fritz

Be a force like the 'water horse'

As a Hippo, you love the water. You're best suited to protect your water resources. Buying a rain barrel, building a rain garden, and reducing your water use at home are great ways to help out!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Hippos?

The Cincinnati Zoo’s hippos need no introduction! The Zoo is working to help hippos from our cove and beyond.

The Cincinnati Zoo partners with the Ugandan Waterways Project to help conserve and clean up watersheds. The Ugandan Waterways project set up ranger stations at important sites through Uganda’s lake and river systems, helping to arrest them or confiscate illegal contraband. The Ugandan Waterways project is one of the many projects taken on by the Uganda conservation foundation. 

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Bibi the hippo

Come see Hippo Cove at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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