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Red Panda

You are one to take on an adventure head first – climbing extreme heights, to the tallest branch of the tallest tree! Exploring new places is always fun, but it is even cooler with your pack. You and your pack have a strong bond, and through your explorations have made beautiful memories!

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What can you do for Red Pandas?

red panda eat bamboo

Water towers of the world...

As a Red Panda, you spend a lot of time high in the trees, surrounded by green. Red pandas live in the highland forests of the Himalayas, often called the 'water towers of the world.' Build a rain garden or green roof to add more plants to the landscape while storing water to protect both people and wildlife downstream.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Red Pandas?

The Cincinnati Zoo partners with the Red Panda Network to help conserve red pandas and their habitat. The bamboo forests that red pandas call home are vulnerable due to human development.

The main goal of the RPN is to create a Red Panda Protected Forest in Eastern Nepal. While they work towards their goal, the RPN empowers and educates the local community by training professional forest guardians. This provides jobs to local communities that are directly related to red panda conservation. There are now over 50 forest guardians in Eastern Nepal working to preserve the beloved Red Panda. 

a red panda climbing on a branch

Come see Red Pandas at the Zoo:

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