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You are an independent person who has style. A flair for the unique and creative, your stripes are not just cool looking, they also serve as a visual marker to let your fans see the strides you are making in your journey. Taking time for yourself to explore and try new things, okapis are strong and independent trailblazers, making their way on their time!

You are compatible with…

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Monarch Butterfly

What can you do for Okapis?

Okapi (Photo: Kathy Newton)

Show your stripes

Just like you tend to think artistically... did you know our animals can be artistic too? By purchasing art created by animals at our Zoo, you can directly support conservation projects and get inspired to be creative in your own way!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Okapi?

The Cincinnati Zoo partners has a long history with our resident Okapis. Okapis are considered a species at risk of extinction by the IUCN Red List. Illegal mining and logging on protected forest lands ruins the habitat of this shy forest dweller and makes them vulnerable to extinction. 

To combat this, the Cincinnati Zoo supports the Okapi Conservation Project in the Ituri Forest of the DRC. The project is dedicated to researching the Okapi in their natural habitat and protecting the indigenous wildlife, people, and culture along the way. At home, the Cincinnati Zoo also celebrates World Okapi Day to help raise awareness for Okapi conservation. 

Come see the Okapis at our Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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