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Monarch Butterfly

You enjoy the freedom and expression of traveling, and you particularly enjoy seeing your favorite flowers along the way. Just like the beautiful tradition of the Monarch migration, you are always keeping an eye out for opportunities to create something special.

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Asian Elephant

What can you do for Monarch Buterflies?

Monarch Motels

You are the perfect person to create resting spaces for migrating Monarch butterflies. Plant native flowers and pollinator-friendly plants in your yard or local green space. Consider converting to chemical-free gardening to keep your flowers healthy and safe for our Monarch Butterfly friends!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Monarch Butterflies?

The Cincinnati Zoo is also a Botanical Garden where we plant native and annual blooming flowers to support the Monarch butterflies that migrate through every year. A signature program at the Zoo, Plant for Pollinators, offers annual events, native plant sales, and gardening advice which has led to almost 3,000 registered pollinator gardens across the country.

Right down the street from the Zoo, we helped install the Rockdale Urban Learning Garden. This garden not only supports butterflies and other pollinator species, but it also contributes to the local community with fresh produce, safe recreation space, and educational programs for Cincinnati Public Schools and the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati! 

The Zoo also partners with the Xerces Society and Monarch Joint Venture to research threats to the butterflies and promote the protection of monarchs and other pollinators. 

monarch on flower

Come see the Botanical Garden at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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