Wildlife Ranger Challenge

Posted July 3, 2023 by Angela Hatke

For over a decade, the Cincinnati Zoo has supported the South Rift Association of Landowners 

(SORALO) in the South Rift Region of Kenya. In this area of Kenya, wildlife (such as elephants and lions) and people coexist sharing the same spaces and resources. Wildlife are still able to move freely across the landscape and by doing so enhance the connectivity between Mara-Serengeti and Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystems. SORALO is working to ensure this remains the case.  

Wildlife rangers hired from local Maasai communities are a key part of SORALO’s conservation story and help to keep wildlife safe from people and people safe from wildlife. Doing so is no easy feat and involves conducting daily anti-poaching patrols, sharing information to avoid conflict between lions and livestock and elephants and crops, and being on the frontlines to save the lives of community members injured by elephants, hyaena, buffalo and more.

On September 16, 2023,  SORALO and 150 other ranger teams across Africa will run 21km carrying 22kgs to raise awareness and money for wildlife rangers across Africa as part of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge. The goal: to support thousands of rangers and threatened species including elephants, pangolins, rhinos, and lions.

Wildlife rangers operate on the very frontline of conservation across Africa, routinely making personal sacrifices to put their lives on the line to protect the continent’s magnificent wildlife and habitats. Rangers are first responders, teachers, community support workers, mediators, researchers and so much more. The Wildlife Ranger Challenge funds will help them protect threatened wildlife and some of the continent’s most vulnerable areas, while also protecting communities and securing coexistence with wildlife, as well as providing for their own families.

Get Involved

There are multiple ways you can show support leading up to the big race!

Train Like a Ranger: Wildlife Ranger Mini Challenges

To prepare for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 21km race on September 16, ranger teams across Africa will be participating in a targeted training program, designed to improve and test their physical fitness. Why not see how you match up? Take on the Wildlife Ranger Mini Challenges to test your limits!


More Ways to Get Involved

Do you have what it takes to be a Wildlife Ranger? Take the Wildlife Ranger Quiz

Support Team SORALO. Give today and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match every dollar donated, amplifying your impact. 

Learn more about SORALO and what the Cincinnati Zoo is doing to support wildlife conservation in Kenya.

Follow the latest news, join the conversation and speak up for wildlife protectors with #ForWildlifeRangers on social media.