Zuri Gets a Checkup & A New Cast

Posted May 31, 2011

CINCINNATI, OH (May 31, 2011) – “Zuri,” the Cincinnati Zoo’s eight-week-old baby giraffe, received her first checkup since injuring her leg on May 19.  Zoo keepers and veterinarians performed the one-hour procedure of removing Zuri’s cast, taking X-rays of her leg and putting a new cast on, Tuesday morning.

“Today’s procedure went according to plan,” said David Oehler, Director of Animal Collections at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. “Zuri’s leg is healing and we will continue to monitor her progress each day.”

Similar to the first procedure, both dad, “Kimba” and mom, “Tessa” were moved to the outdoor exhibit area during the procedure.  It will be at least another week, if not longer, before Zoo vets remove this cast and examine her leg again.

“Equine specialists will review today’s X-ray’s,” said Oehler. “Zuri is not out of the woods yet.  We are still guardedly optimistic, but Zuri has been a great patient and our staff is doing everything we can to get Zuri back to her energetic self.”

Giraffe Ridge was closed for several hours this morning, but is now open and guests can see Zuri and her mom inside.