Thank you for your support. Because of your generosity, you’ve helped us cover costs for Fiona’s 24/7 care, vet support, hippo room modifications & new flooring, formula, baby-proofing, baby pools, blood analysis, extra indoor heating and more! Stay up-to-date with Fiona’s progress here.

There are plenty of ways to join #TeamFiona! Here are different ways you can support Fiona, the premature baby hippo:

Donate directly to #TeamFiona

Purchase a #TeamFiona shirt from Cincy Shirts

 Official #TeamFiona shirts are ONLY available in the Zoo’s gift shop.  As of 4/24/17 we are currently sold out.  We expect another shipment in 2 weeks.

Please be aware that there are many companies that are claiming to sell our #TeamFiona design t-shirts. We believe these are scams and will only take your money.

NOTE: Closed fundraisers that were legitimate and supported Cincinnati Zoo included Booster, Busken, and LuLaRoe.

Purchase a #TeamFiona headband from ChicaSport.




Order Pampered Chef products through the Fundraiser Catalog Show for the Cincinnati Zoo’s Fiona before April 30th! Plus, an extra $3 is contributed from every Show booked from the event.


Order a $24 513 Shirts Fiona Club shirt and $6 will be contributed to #TeamFiona!