2018 Animal Encounters

Turnstiles8:00amRed Carpet Roll Out
Gorilla World8:00amMorning Prep
Jungle Trails8:00amMorning Prep
Free Flight Aviary8:00am-10:00amEnjoy the Birds
Africa Savannah8:15amWarthog Enrichment
Elephant Reserve8:30amElephant Bath
Hippo Cove8:30amHippo Chat & Produce Throw
Meerkat8:50amMeerkat Enrichment
Seal Falls9:00amSea Lion Chat
Rhino Reserve9:00amBlack Rhino chat
Cheetah Encounter Yard9:00amPlaytime
World of the Insect9:00amInsect Meet & Greet
Africa9:00amLion Enrichment & Chat
Gorilla World 9:00amGood Morning Gorillas
Elephant Reserve9:15amElephant Breakfast Browse
Reptile House9:30amReptile Meet & Greet
Cat Canyon9:30amCougar Enrichment
Children's Zoo9:30amLittle Penguin Chat
Wings of Wonder Theater9:45amBird Encounter Meet & Greet
Jungle Trails10:00amHello Bonobo