Stop by the Welcome Center in Vine Street Village to see daily updates about feeding times, special encounters and other tips to help you make the most of your visit. Click here to see a pdf of the encounter schedule.

Early Entry

Early Entry for Zoo Members and Zoo Adventure Ticket (ZAT) ticket holders starts March 10, 2018.

Animal Programs

For more info about the animal experiences below, click here.

Kroger Cheetah Encounter

The Zoo partners with the Joanie Bernard Foundation to spread the word about responsible pet ownership and the benefits of spaying/neutering domestic cats.

Cheetah Encounter Sponsored by: 

Ameritas Wings of Wonder

Flights take off Memorial Day Weekend 

bird show

Watch birds fly, call, mimic, climb and outsmart their trainers.

Wings of Wonder Bird Encounter Sponsored by: Ameritas_Bison_tag_color

Chick-fil-a Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza

barnyard bonanza

A fast-paced, fun, family-friendly interaction in our Children’s Zoo for young and old visitors alike.

Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza Presented by: