Fall Animal Encounters Schedule

September 3 - October 31

Animal Programs

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Kroger Cheetah Encounter

Learn about the fastest land mammal and see them do what they do best…RUN!

cheetah running

Cheetah Encounter Sponsored by: 


The Zoo partners with the Joanie Bernard Foundation to spread the word about responsible pet ownership and the benefits of spaying/neutering domestic cats.

First Watch Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza

A fast-paced, fun, family-friendly interaction in our Children’s Zoo.

barnyard bonanza

Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza Presented by: 

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Ameritas Wings of Wonder

Flights will resume spring 2020. This special encounter where you can watch birds fly, call, mimic, climb and outsmart their trainers.

Wings of Wonder Bird Encounter Sponsored by: