It’s dark. A chorus of crickets sing. You pass under a tree and get a prickly feeling on the back of your neck. What’s that sound?  Night Hunters is a multi-sensory journey through the wild at night, featuring a variety of cats like the clouded leopard, Pallas’ cats, sand cat, fishing cat, caracal, and the black-footed cat, as well as other nocturnal predators such as the Eurasian eagle owl, potto, vampire bats, fennec fox, aardvark, and Burmese python.

ISS logoAt an iSaveSpecies station, visitors can create their own digital identification signs for several small cat species. The signs are rotated on display at the exhibits. Visitors can also send their creations to friends and family via email. iSaveSpecies is a partnership between Miami University’s Project Dragonfly and the Zoo funded by the National Science Foundation.

Video Introduction and Virtual Tour

Exhibit Tour

Night Hunters Video Tour – Thane Maynard Narrates

Cats and Creatures Education Programs

Our education department will be offering camps and classes to enhance visitors’ Night Hunters experience. Check the Programs page for opportunities to participate in programs to learn more about nocturnal predators and their conservation.

Small Cat Conservation – A CREW Success Story

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of the world’s leaders in small cat conservation through our research efforts at CREW, breeding programs in the Cat House, education initiatives with small felids and financial support for in situ projects.

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Animals You Will See

Pallas Cat


clouded leopardPotto

Interactive Highlights:

  • Crawl-in aardvark den by which kids can get nose to nose with an aardvark through the glass
  • Meet a Zookeeper encounters at fishing cat exhibit during which visitors can witness the hunting prowess of these aquatic predators in action
  • Saving Species interactive kiosks in the rotunda where visitors create various media (posters, poems, etc.) to express how they feel about cats and other predators and their conservation