NEW & Improved Children’s Zoo Ready for Play

The Children’s Zoo is the perfect place for families to relax, interact with animals and have lots of fun! The exhibit features a petting yard, animal nursery, playground, and a variety of animals including baby miniature cows, llamas and alpacas!

Animal Encounters

We have lots of new animals and an updated nursery viewing area, where guests can see a baby aardvark, “Lucy,” the bearcat and “Rocko,” the wallaby and a variety of baby animals throughout the year.

Keepers and volunteers bring animals out for enrichment, up-close encounters and special talks. Do you know the difference between an alpaca and a llama? If not, ask a Zoo employee the next time you visit.


Children can swing like monkeys, hang like pottos and balance like cats in the new and improved “Be the Animal” playscape. The play area features a slide, crawl tunnel, monkey bars, balance beam, synthetic mulch, as well as the always popular spider web and turtle shells, and much more.

Petting Zoo

The expanded petting yard will allow more space for children and families to interact and even brush some of the Zoo’s friendliest animal residents, including baby pygmy goats, Nigerian dwarf goats and NEW baby doll sheep.

Animals You Will See

nigerian_dwarf_goat little penguin web bearcat

Barnyard Bonanza Show

You might get to race chickens or train a goat to jump through a hoop during Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza Show.  There’s plenty of seating and space in the expanded show yard. Check schedule for show times.