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Stop by the Welcome Center in Vine Street Village to see daily updates about feeding times, special encounters and other tips to help you make the most of your visit. Our FREE mobile app allows you to create your own schedule and navigate the Zoo with a GPS-enabled map.

Fall Adventure presented by:    CNKY-HondaDlrs_blue


Early Entry

Early-Entry-Icon-150x150Zoo MembersZoo Adventure Ticket (ZAT) holders can experience all the Zoo has to offer before it opens to the public! Early Entry begins at 9am, and the Zoo opens to the public at 10am.

unnamedWeather permitting, here are some of the Early Entry perks exclusive to members & ZAT ticket holders: 

Early Entry Exclusives

9:10am Sloth Chat – Education Building (Sun-Thur)

9:15am Elephant Bath (Mon-Sun)

9:30am Train (Mon-Sun)

9:30am Carousel (Mon-Sun)

9:30am 4-D Theater (Mon-Sun)

9:30am Giraffe Feeding (Mon-Sun)

9:30am Goat Feeding (Mon-Sun)

9:45am African Animal Encounter (Mon-Sun)

10:00am Meerkat Chat (Mon-Sun)