Kroger Cheetah Encounter

Watch a variety of our feline friends demonstrate their amazing natural abilities and see a cheetah, the fastest land mammal, do what it does best – RUN!  In addition to witnessing the Zoo’s fastest felines, visitors can also expect visits from African servals, an ocelot, a porcupine, a red river hog, a chocolate lab and even domestic cats!

The Zoo partners with the Joanie Bernard Foundation to spread the word about house cat spay and neutering programs available at low cost or no cost.

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Ameritas Wings of Wonder

Flights will resume spring 2020. Watch birds fly, call, mimic, climb and outsmart their trainers in one of the longest-running bird experiences in North America.   See more than two dozen different species of birds and mammals, including penguins, macaws and a bald eagle, demonstrate a variety of natural behaviors.

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Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza

barnyard bonanza

Making its debut in 2012, “Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza” at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is a fast-paced, fun, family-friendly interaction in our Children’s Zoo for young and old visitors alike. Getting its name from the old Blakely Farm, the present-day site of the world-famous 79-acre Cincinnati Zoo, Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza will entertain and educate visitors by featuring barnyard animal behaviors demonstrating the importance of physical activity!

The Bonanza features the best of operant conditioning, the Zoo’s philosophy on developing and sharing natural animal behaviors with our 1.3 million visitors. Created, in part through our Visitor Inspiration Program, the Bonanza is just one of the ways in which Zoo staff strives to interpret animal activity to convey a greater sense of awareness and education about the importance of wildlife and conservation. Keeper chats, random animal encounters and operant condition demonstrations, like this Bonanza, help connect visitors and keep them emotionally engaged with our mission!

Blakely’s Barnyard Bonanza takes place in the Children’s Zoo. The interaction will run twice for 20 minutes, and will feature our engaging, expert keepers working with a variety of animals.

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