Ask us for updates when you arrive to help plan your visit!

When are the best times to visit the Zoo?

While the Zoo generally sees fewer visitors during January, February, and early March- unseasonably warmer weather days may bring crowds. There may be longer than normal lines on these days.

Please note: the Main Gift Shop and Basecamp Cafe will be the only retail and food locations open during Penguin Days.

Are there lots of animals out during Penguin Days?

A lot of our animals require a certain temperature to be outdoors, for their safety. To compensate for this- we offer discount admission for the winter.

What animals can I expect to see when it is cold?

All of our indoor animal buildings are open during the day and for Festival of Lights. Some animals do not like the cold and will therefore not be on exhibit when the temperatures take a dip. Ask us on your way in for a full update on what you can expect to see!

The following exhibits will be generally be closed in the winter:

Select animals in Wildlife Canyon, Elephants*, Giraffes*, African lions, African cheetahs, Painted dogs, meerkats*, African Savannah animals (minus birds), parts of Jungle Trails*, White lions, African Veldt, Lemur Lookout, Gorilla World, parts of Cat Canyon.

*Animals/exhibits noted with an asterisk may have indoor viewing available. This list may very per day depending on animal needs.

Other areas may close if icy conditions exist.

Where can I get a Zoo Gift Card?

Zoo Gift Cards are available for purchase in the Membership/Guest Relations Office located in Historic Vine Street Village.

Click here for gift memberships and here for gift tickets.

What Hotels are Near the Zoo?

Visit our “where to stay” page for more information on hotels and lodging.

Can I bring food and beverages?

Visitors are welcome to bring food and beverages to the Zoo with them. Alcohol is prohibited.

What is the smoking policy at the Zoo?

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted on Zoo grounds.

I am a member of another Zoo, can I use my membership to enter the Cincinnati Zoo for free or at a discount?

If your current membership is held with a Zoo that participates in the reciprocal program with the Cincinnati Zoo, you are entitled to a discount on admission. You can check our list of participating reciprocal institutions here.

Please note: this discount may only be applied at the Cincinnati Zoo ticketing windows.

How do I find information on shows and encounters?

Does the Zoo have a Lost and Found?

Yes. For all Lost and Found inquiries, please visit Membership Services/Guest Relations or call us at 513-559-7713.

Are service animals allowed in the Zoo?

We welcome guests that bring their trained service dog or miniature horse to the Zoo. Guests should alert a Visitor Experience staff member at the Zoo’s Main Entrance upon arrival. Service animals entering the Zoo must be in their official roles (guide dogs for the blind, service dogs for people with disabilities), remain on a leash or a harness at all times and may not be left unattended. Guests are required to clean-up all defecation from their service animals while at the Zoo.

Pets, under any circumstances, will not be admitted to the Zoo.

While your service dog has been socialized for most public settings, touring a zoo – especially for the first time – can be an unusual experience. Please watch for any indications that the Zoo animals are upset. These behaviors may include excessive flying, running or vocalizing. Should you see any of these behaviors, please step away from the distressed animal. The Zoo has the right to remove the service animal from the area if it is endangering itself or others.

Do you charge for parking?

The current parking fee is $9.00 and can be paid in Member Services when you check in. Both cash and credit cards are accepted to pay for parking.

Do you offer a military discount?

We offer a military discount for all military personnel and their families. This discount is for $3 off adults and $2 off children. Military ID is required to receive discount and may only be obtained at the Cincinnati Zoo ticketing windows. A full list of our discounts can be viewed here. Please note: Penguin Days discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

I was given a code from my company to obtain tickets. Where do I purchase these?

Corporate Discount Tickets can be purchased here. Please create a new account to proceed. Corporate discounts are not accepted at the Cincinnati Zoo ticketing windows and may only be purchased online.

I have a question about wildlife outside of the Zoo. Who can I contact?

In an effort to make sure our keepers have enough time with their animals, we unfortunately cannot accept calls regarding questions about animals outside of the Zoo. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (1-800-WILDLIFE) is a great resource!

Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals

membershipThe Zoo has both strollers and wheelchairs for rent at Member Services on your way in. We have a limited inventory and provide these items on a first come, first served basis. No advance registrations available for strollers or manual wheelchairs, however there are a limited number of ECV’s (Electric Convenience Vehicle) that can be reserved each day – reserve an ECV (reservation must be made day before visit). We recommend arriving early to secure strollers and manual wheelchairs. For all rentals a photo ID must be left with Zoo Staff at the rental location.

Rental Fees

Single StrollerDouble Stroller
wheel 4wheel 3
$10 / $9 for members$14 / $13 for members
Standard WheelchairECV (reserve an ECV)
wheel 2ecv1