A Beary Important Day!

Posted February 26, 2021 by Sarah Navarro

February may be the shortest month, but it holds a date that celebrates the world’s largest land predator, the polar bear! February 27th is International Polar Bear Day, a globally recognized event founded by Polar Bears International (PBI) to celebrate these amazing arctic ambassadors and inspire humans to reflect on our own relationship with our planet. In order to ensure that polar bears will be around for future generations, we must take steps now to protect and preserve the habitat upon which they depend. 

As an Arctic Ambassador Center, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is committed to helping polar bears in the wild and in human care. Through the Polar Bear Signature Project at our Lindner Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW), scientists are researching innovative ways to conserve polar bears. We are also committed to being the “Greenest Zoo in America,” demonstrating this with sustainable, energy-saving changes and choices that help reduce the amount of heat-trapping gas emissions within our organization and community.

By reducing the amount of fossil fuels that we burn to power our lives and our daily Zoo operations, we also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere where it acts like a heat- trapping blanket, keeping heat from escaping and warming our climate. Responsible management of these resources allows us to safeguard polar bear habitat for future generations of polar bears, and humans, to enjoy. 

For ideas on how the Zoo is helping in this effort and to join us in being part of the solution, check out this link.