Our Global Reach: Making a Difference for Lions, Keas, Burying Beetles and More

Posted April 7, 2017

Did you know that the Cincinnati Zoo supports more than 30 field conservation projects around the world? From tigers in Malaysia to scarlet macaws in Guatemala to keas in New Zealand, we are helping to save species and make the world a better place for people and wildlife alike.

Beyond contributing financial support to field projects, our own Zoo staff members often lead or participate in the field as well, dedicating their time and expertise to working with communities and partners. For example, Curator of Primates Ron Evans has traveled to Congo to participate in the Mbeli Bai Study, the longest running field study of western lowland gorillas, and its education component, Club Ebobo. And right here at home, Insect Keeper Mandy Pritchard leads a project to reintroduce captive-bred endangered American burying beetles at Fernald Reserve.

Read on to learn more about some of the field projects we support:

You can take our global reach even further! Project Saving Species provides a direct way for our guests and supporters to join the Zoo in making a difference. Funds raised go directly to these field conservation projects.