Top 10 Pollinator Plants of 2022

Posted June 22, 2022 by Angela Hatke

This week, the Zoo is buzzing with excitement! We are celebrating both Pollinator Week and Insect Week. These are the top 10 pollinator plants according to our Horticulture team. Plant these beauties and your pollinator friends will thank you!

Join Plant for Pollinators Challenge

The Plant for Pollinators Challenge is a public engagement campaign to increase pollinator habitat in the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond. From butterflies and bees to hummingbirds and moths, pollinators are critical to the health of our environment. They’re also important in our food production systems, as they pollinate one-third of the world’s crops. However, their populations are declining.

People can provide beautiful, vital habitat for pollinators by adding pollinator-friendly plants to their yards and landscapes while enjoying colorful blooms and butterflies all season long. Whether planting just a few pots or a larger garden, everyone can do real conservation at home to support our pollinator friends as they do their job to keep our environment healthy. Take our Plant for Pollinators Challenge here.

Special thanks to our Plant for Pollinators Sponsor Simple Truth