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Bald Eagle

You are independent and an appreciator of places and traditions that feel like home. The Bald Eagle knows that true strides come from those who are brave enough to get involved and invest in their community.

You are compatible with…

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What can you do for Bald Eagles?

sam the bald eagle flying

Spread your wings

You can help the United States' national symbol by supporting legislative bills, groups, and political figures who can make a difference to protect the Bald Eagle and other large birds of prey. Exercise your voice for these large birds and the environment by signing a petition or writing to your state government officials to express your support and concern for healthy environmental change!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Bald Eagles?

The Cincinnati Zoo is home to 5 rescued bald eagles! All of our bald eagle residents were injured in the wild and were unable to be re-released due to their inability to fly anymore. Here at the zoo, you can see these beautiful birds up close in the Bald Eagle exhibit or in the Wings of Wonder experience!  

Did You Know?

The Bald eagle almost went extinct! In the 1960’s, pesticides like DDT made their way into the eagles’ food supply, which made their eggs fragile or infertile. Today, their numbers are increasing as more actions are taken to protect our national symbol!

Come see our Bald Eagles at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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