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You might prefer to run on your own, but when the right moments come along, your outgoing personality shines through! Athletic and versatile, cheetahs enjoy the chase of life, pouncing at fun opportunities!

You are compatible with…

Bald Eagle

Ocelot (Photo: Cassandre Crawford)


What can you do for Cheetahs?

cheetah running

Show off your spots

As a cheetah, you know how to get things going! Advocating to your government about wildlife-friendly crossings, bridges, and fences is your calling! Cheetahs in Africa have a reputation as a conflict for humans and their livestock. But by working together and understanding that coexistence is the goal, communities have begun to successfully problem-solve and mitigate these conflicts.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Cheetahs?

The Cincinnati Zoo and the Angel Fund partner with organizations that help empower communities to protect the cheetahs they coexist with. 

Cheetahs in their natural habitat are at risk of conflict with people. Cheetahs will wander onto farmland in search of food, and farmers will often clash with the cheetah to protect their livestock. Through education and research, the Zoo is working to mitigate those conflicts so cheetahs and communities can both thrive alongside one another. 

cheetahs looking at the camera

Come see Cheetahs at the Zoo:

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