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You are feisty, adaptable, and stronger than you look! You enjoy exploring outside and finding new adventures.

You are compatible with…

Bald Eagle


What can you do for Ocelots?

Ocelot (Photo: Cassandre Crawford)

On the prowl

You are best suited to make space for local wildlife. Habitat fragmentation occurs when human development breaks up large tracts of animal land. Look for ways you can help wildlife navigate your neighborhood. Have a fence in your backyard? Consider making space to let small wildlife move through the fence safely. Support legislation and policies to create wildlife habitats in our community parks and landscapes.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Ocelots?

The Cincinnati Zoo’s Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) team works with ocelots in the Zoo’s care to study their reproductive habits.

The Zoo also aids in the research and protection of ocelots in their natural habitat, including in Texas. The border walls and fences are barriers for these cats so any way to allow space for them to move through can help. The Cincinnati Zoo team has worked with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to measure and design spaces for ocelots to be able to fit through fences and keep the landscapes connected.

Side view of a southern Brazilian ocelot

Come see the Ocelots at our Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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