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Coral Polyp

You have a unique, colorful, and chill personality! Your colorful nature and independence mean you can be confident on your own. You enjoy a day spent in the comforts of home since once a coral roots itself on the reef, that’s where it will live its whole life! Whether curled up with a good book or movie or enjoying observing other wildlife out the window, you find peace and joy by yourself.

You are compatible with…

Thick-billed parrot (Photo: Kathy Newton)


john the lion looking at camera


What can you do for Coral Polyps?

Do your thing....

As a coral polyp, you value your personal space. When out in nature, you're best suited to treating wildlife the way you want to be treated by not touching or disturbing wildlife that you see and ``leaving no trace`` on local trails!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Coral Polyps?

The Cincinnati Zoo partners with organizations like the Bahamas National Trust to protect corals and all the marine life that depend on corals!

We are partnering to promote community engagement to protect corals and marine wildlife and invite community involvement in new marine national parks. 

Did You Know?
  • Corals are not just one animal. They are a colony made up of several thousand small individuals!

  • Coral reefs are like the big cities of the ocean, home to thousands of fish, plants, and other creatures. Coral reefs are one of the biggest sources of biodiversity and they need our help!

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