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African Lion

You are strong and expressive. You like to live in social groups, roam your territory (up to 100 square miles), and work cooperatively with your pride to survive as the dominant predator of the African Savannah.

You are compatible with…

Oak Tree

Bee covered with pollen (Photo: David Farquhar)

Native Bee

What can you do for Lions?

john the lion looking at camera

Embrace your roar through citizen science

When you’re feeling powerful, log onto Snapshot Safari by Zooniverse to get involved by identifying species caught on cameras across Africa! This supports wildlife research and global conservation, especially for African Lions!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for African Lions?

The Cincinnati Zoo partners with the African Conservation Centre (ACC) in Kenya aiming to bring together the people and skills needed to build East Africa’s capacity to conserve wildlife.

halloween lion

Come see the African Lions at our Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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