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You are smooth and steady as you fly through life. Yet, you also know how to be the life of the party. You bring energy to everything you do, and others flock to your magnetizing attitude.

You are compatible with…

Oak Tree

seyia front view black rhino


What can you do for Parrots?

Side view of Thick billed parrot

Show your colors!

As a Macaw you are drawn to colorful and creative things. The iNaturalist app is a fun tool to find, share photos, and identify the feathered friends in your area! Simply open the app on your phone to take a photo of a bird, plant, fungus, or other organism. Post the photo to iNaturalist, and other citizen scientist will help identify what you found.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Parrots?

The Cincinnati Zoo supports the Bird Endowment’s Nido Adoptivo Saving the Blues program to save the last of the critically endangered Bolivian blue-throated macaw. 

While researching and educating for the macaw, the Cincinnati Zoo also cares for the birds in our own backyards. Through programs like Lights Out Cincinnati and campaigns like Build a Better Home for Wildlife, the Cincinnati Zoo works to minimize unnecessary bird deaths as we coexist together. 

That's one way to eat an orange! (Photo: DJJAM)

Come see Birds of the World and more at the Zoo:

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