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You are strong and social. You enjoy spending time roughing it in the wilderness, preferably with some of your close friends. Camping, hiking, and rock climbing all sound like great ideas for you and your crew.

You are compatible with…

side view of two american burying beetle

American Burying Beetle

Male Bornean Orangutan (Photo: Eric Kilby)


What can you do for gorillas?

Connect with your troop

The electronics we use to keep in touch with our loved ones have a mineral in the battery known as Coltan. This mineral is mined deep underground in forests that gorillas call home. Your old cell phones and electronics can be recycled once you are finished with them, which ultimately helps protect wild gorilla habitat. Cellphone recycling bins are located at our zoo, come visit!

Eco-Cell Information

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Gorillas?

The Cincinnati Zoo is an active partner for gorilla conservation across the world.

Supporting organizations like the Mbeli Bai Study, and Lola Ya Bonobo, the Cincinnati Zoo is working to teach co-existence with big apes. The focus is specifically on designing surveys to evaluate the best way to reach rural or distant communities and empower them to make choices that benefit both humans and apes.

Along with the Mbeli Bai study, the Club Ebobo program helps to educate schoolchildren in the area about wildlife and conservation. 

Come see Gorilla World and more at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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