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American Burying Beetle

You have personal drive. You are independent and move with purpose on your passion projects! An appreciator of the places you hold dear to your heart, your traditions can also inspire you with a sense of purpose and belonging, but you aren’t scared to get your hands dirty and try something new!

You are compatible with…

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What can you do for American Burying Beetles?

Fill purpose in the soil!

Composting is a great way you can improve the environment and build homes for wildlife. Scavenger species like the burying beetle help decompose materials which reduces disease and our carbon footprint, preserves nutrients, and helps our gardens and plants grow! By composting food waste, you can also help prevent material from going into the landfill and creating greenhouse gases.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for American Burying Beetles?

By partnering with the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Fernald Nature Preserve, our Zoo has been rearing and releasing critically endangered American Burying Beetles since 2013!

Here at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens we have committed to becoming a zero-waste facility and one way we will reach our goal is with a bio-digester machine! Uneaten food and animal waste is put into the bio-digester and “cooked” until it comes out as a beneficial soil additive! It’s a win-win – saving food and animal waste from the landfill AND feeding gardens! 

keeper holding an american burying beetle

Come see the American Burying Beetle at our Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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