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You are wise and gentle! You enjoy the sweet and simple things in life like hanging around with your troop or indulging in your favorite comfort foods. You are usually described as “laid back” and “an old soul.”

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photo of an elephant with her truck reaching forward

Asian Elephant

What can you do for Orangutans?

Protect the Palms

As an orangutan, you like to spend your day lounging in the treetops. But the forest the orangutan calls home is in danger. Deforestation for the harvesting of palm oil is one of the biggest threats to Orangutans. By choosing products with certified sustainable palm oil, you can reduce the need to harvest palm oil from the rainforests the orangutan calls home.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Orangutans?

The Cincinnati Zoo supports the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil to change how palm oil is handled at every step of the manufacturing process. The RSPO is a nonprofit organization that works with stakeholders to find sustainable ways to harvest palm oil. 

Did You Know?
  • The orangutan’s name means “person of the forest.” 

  • The orangutan spends its day in the trees to evade predators like the tiger.

  • The orangutan is the only truly arboreal ape. While other apes enjoy time in the trees, the orangutan spends most of its life among the branches. 

Male Bornean Orangutan (Photo: Eric Kilby)

Come see Sumatran Orangutans and more at the Zoo:

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