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Painted Dog

You are exuberant and extroverted! You LOVE running with your pack, your relationships are valuable to you, and time is best spent exploring with those you love. A steady force of energy, you are an on-the-go creature, always game for the adventure!

You are compatible with…

Rhino Reserve



What can you do for Painted Dogs?

Use those paws!

As a Painted Dog, you love staying active. Next time you go out, consider walking or riding your bike to your destination instead of taking a car. The less we rely on cars or other vehicles, the less we emit CO2 into the air. This helps us reduce our climate impact.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Painted Dogs?

The Cincinnati Zoo partners with field projects that work to help people and wildlife coexist including:

These organizations practice conservation through research and education. By researching painted dogs and other carnivores, local leads can learn how best to coexist beside them and avoid human and wildlife conflict.

Come see the Painted Dogs at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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