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You are calm, powerful, and super cool! You have a connection with nature, especially the forest. You enjoy a good adventure, like a hike through a local park or time spent on a walking trail.

You are compatible with…

Painted Dog


What can you do for Rhinos?

ajani joe and seyia black rhinos

Forest Time

As a rhino, you are best suited to protecting trees and spending time in nature around your community. Planting trees and visiting local parks are both great ways to create and appreciate vibrant landscapes!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Rhinos?

The Cincinnati Zoo is saving rhinos with science! The Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife’s (CREW) Signature Sumatran Rhino Project was started in 1984, with significant scientific breakthroughs over the years understanding their reproduction and facilitating the first calves born in a zoo in 112 years! We support partners in Indonesia to protect rhinos in the forests there to keep the Sumatran Rhino from extinction. The Zoo is also dedicated to forest protection and taking action against wildlife trafficking. 

Did You Know?
  • Black Rhinos have semi-prehensile lips.

  • A Rhino’s horn in made of a protein called Keratin, the same stuff in your nails and hair! 

  • There are only around 80 Sumatran rhinos left in the world! 

ajani joe and seyia black rhinos eating grass

Come see Rhinos and more at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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