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Oak Tree

You are independent. Standing tall, you grow from the experiences around you. Like the changing seasons and the nuances they bring, you are excellent at adapting to change. You are rooted in who you are but are always growing and adding to your skillsets.

You are compatible with…

blue parrot


side view of two american burying beetle

American Burying Beetle

What can you do for Oak Trees?

oak seedling

Seeking high and low

The best way to learn about nature is to get out there with it! Download the Seek app and become an expert in plants! Seek is also a great tool for citizen science because of its plant identification feature. Simply use your camera to scan a plant in your yard or on a hike to learn more about it and its role in the environment!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Oak Trees?

The Cincinnati Zoo is also a Botanical Garden! From landscaping in our animals’ habitats to the garden beds around the Zoo, our Horticulture team and Exceptional Plant Research team from CREW are big advocates for plants and trees. One way we help with the Oak trees is by researching population management, breeding, and reintroduction of saplings.

Did You Know?
  • The Oak tree is the national tree of the United States.

  • Oak trees produce fruit, also known as acorns!

Come see the Botanical Garden at our Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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