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Talk about personality! You are unique and interesting. You’re often talkative and love spending time eating good food and having good conversations.

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What can you do for Porcupines?

side view of a cape porcupine

Exotic Homework

As a Porcupine, you know that it's cool to be unique. If you're selecting a new pet for the family, especially if it’s a unique or exotic animal, do your research thoroughly before committing to a pet. By doing your homework, you're staying responsible for your new animal friend and pets around the world.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Porcupines?

The Cincinnati Zoo offers a variety of experiences to get closer to our animals, like virtual painting parties or behind the scenes experiences.

Animals like Rico the Porcupine are ambassadors for their species. By interacting with them, you learn more about them, become close enough to care, and act to save animals like Rico and our other ambassadors. 

Did You Know?
  • The Brazilian Porcupine has a prehensile tail that they can use as an extra limb.

  • The tail of a Brazilian porcupine is almost as long as its body! 

  • Despite what pop culture tells you, porcupines and hedgehogs cannot shoot their quills out of their body

Come see Rico, the porcupine, at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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