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You are a social and creative spirit. Songbirds use their voice to communicate with their social groups and to create beautiful songs.  Many songbirds migrate back to familiar spaces every year with their flocks, sharing a song with fellow birds and creatures along the journey. Whether your chirps and whistles are used for communication or rhythm, the songbird’s call is a valued expression in its flock!

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What can you do for Songbirds?

Shade for nests

Purchasing sustainable, shade-grown coffee is one way people like you protect songbirds! On farms with extra shade trees planted between coffee plants, more homes are provided for birds, and in return, birds provide natural pest control for farmers, and the trees provide oxygen for everyone! As you sip that amazing coffee, it's a win-win-win!

Keep Cozy Indoors

Keeping pet cats inside can protect songbirds! Although super cute, cats are predators for songbirds. By keeping your cat indoors, songbirds can be safe and repopulate to healthy levels.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Songbirds?

The Cincinnati Zoo’s research team (CREW) is conducting research on ways to help community cats stay healthy without reproducing, due to the predation on songbirds and other wildlife. The Zoo is also a member of the AZA SAFE North American Songbird program which focuses on creating habitat for songbirds and other wildlife, and our features our Lights Out Cincinnati program to help migratory birds as they travel by Cincinnati at night! 

Eastern Bluebird (Photo: Mark Plunkett)

Come see the songbirds at our Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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