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Asian Elephant

You enjoy being social and going on new adventures with the people you love. Your herd comes first for you. Exploring new places can be super fun and your approach is less go-go-go and more chill-focused. As a relaxed individual, you bring peaceful energy when venturing outdoors with your herd.

You are compatible with…


Black Bear

What can you do for Elephants?

Rally the herd!

You are most suited to bring your herd together and help a local environmental cleanup effort. There are a variety of ways to begin a cleanup—join a river cleanup walk or challenge your friends to pick up litter on walks with the #Trashtag challenge. Spend some time outdoors and help your local ecosystems stay beautiful!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Elephants?

The Cincinnati Zoo partner with several foundations and programs dedicated to protecting Asian elephants. Organizations like the International Elephant Foundation and Asian Elephant Support act as liaisons between the Zoo and communities working to save their elephants. The Zoo sends much needed funding and supplies to assist in local conservation efforts.

mai thai elephant in water

Come see our Asian Elephants at our Zoo:

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