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Golden Lion Tamarin

You share traits with the Golden Lion Tamarin, a vibrant and social primate native to the Brazilian rainforest. Like the Golden Lion Tamarin, you possess a warm and outgoing personality that brightens the lives of those around you. Your strong sense of community and compassion make you a natural leader among your peers. Embrace these qualities and let your infectious energy spread joy wherever you go!

You are compatible with…

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What can you do for Tamarins?

Plant a Tree!

One way to further amplify your impact is by embracing nature and planting a tree! If you can’t plant one at your home, you can actively participate in tree planting initiatives in your community. By connecting with the earth and fostering the growth of new trees, you not only support the habitats of creatures like the Golden Lion Tamarin but also contribute to the overall health of our planet. Let your enthusiasm for nature inspire others to join you in this vital effort, ensuring a greener, more vibrant world for generations to come.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Tamarins?

The Cincinnati Zoo supports tamarin conservation in partnership with SGLT and AMLD who work with Brazilian farmers and communities to enable their movement between forest fragments. These organizations are responsible for coordinating all efforts to save GLTs in their native forest and protect the benefits that the forest provides to local people. AMLD works on the ground in Rio de Janeiro to monitor the golden lion tamarin populations, the health and connectivity of their forest patches, advocate for restoration of the Atlantic Forest, plant forest corridors, and engage local people in protecting their forest. 

 Did you know?  

  • Golden Lion Tamarins have striking golden-orange fur, resembling a lion’s mane. 
  • They live in close-knit family groups, communicating through various vocalizations. 
  • These primates are skilled climbers, using their long tails for balance as they move through the treetops. 

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