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Native Bee

You stand apart from the crowd! Native bees are incredibly unique, and unlike other bee species, are usually independent and don’t stay together in hives. You put 100% into everything you do, and are a reliable friend to those around you.

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What can you do for Native Bees?

There's no place like home!

You can help your fellow pollinators at the comfort of your own home by planting native plants. Whether it’s a potted plant or an acre of land, no garden is too small!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Native Bees?

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden loves its local pollinators. The Zoo’s Plant for Pollinators program has encouraged almost 3,000 people across the country, especially in the Cincinnati region, to plant pollinator-friendly spaces. Plant for Pollinators also hosts annual events and native plant sales to help create safe habitats for every pollinator, from butterflies to bats!

Did You Know?
  • Bees aren’t always black and yellow. The blue flower mason bee is bright, shiny blue! 

  • Leafcutter bees make cocoons for their young, wrapping them in cut-up leaves. 

  • Native bees out-pollinate honeybees 80 to 1!

Come see our Botanical Garden, Insects, and more at the Zoo:

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