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Black Bear

You love a good balance between trying new things and relaxing. After a day full of adventure, you might enjoy a nice meal and a hibernation nap. What could be better?!

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What can you do for Black Bears?

Fine dining

You're not one to pass up trying new things, like a new restaurant. When you go out on your next dining adventure, find a place that serves locally-sourced food. Bonus, try to bring your own to-go box instead of using single use containers!

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Black Bears?

The Cincinnati Zoo has a history of working with bears on our famous Bear Hill. We are excited to welcome new black bears to the future Zoo family in our new Bear Ridge habitat. This new wildlife zone will incorporate black bears, sea otters, and other North American wildlife to connect guests to wildlife they can find in the United States. 

Do You Know?
  • Black bears can range in color from black to cinnamon brown. Some, like the Kermode bear or spirit bear of British Colombia, are creamy white! 

  • Black bears are omnivores, meaning they eat anything from nuts and berries to meat.