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River Otter

You share traits with the Otter, a playful and sociable mammal known for its love of water and strong family bonds. Like the Otter, you possess a warm and outgoing personality that brightens the lives of those around you. Your ability to find joy in life’s simple pleasures and build meaningful connections makes you a cherished companion. Embrace these qualities and let your playful spirit bring happiness to those you encounter!

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What can you do for Otters?

otter with mouth open

Respect the waters

Just as otters keep their aquatic habitats clean, you can help preserve the beauty of our waterways by picking up litter. By keeping our rivers, lakes, and oceans free of trash, we ensure that these precious ecosystems remain healthy and vibrant for all creatures, including otters. Let your love for nature inspire others to join you in protecting our waterways and the animals that call them home.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Otters?

Otters and kelp forests are intricately linked. Kelp forests provide habitat for crustaceans, mollusks, and sea urchins that attract sea otters and other larger marine life. The Zoo is working to build partnership with Green Wave, an organization that centers coexistence. Green Wave is dedicated to regenerative ocean farming that supports people and oceanic habitat vital to otters!  

You otter visit our North American river otters in the Wolf Woods habitat behind the train station.  

And stay tuned later in 2024 we’ll welcome Asian small-clawed otters to the Zoo and in 2025 we’ll open a new habitat with sea otters!! It’ll be an otterly great time!  

 Did you know? 

  • North American river otters are highly social animals, often living in family groups.  
  • They are excellent divers, capable of staying underwater for several minutes while hunting.  
  • River otters play an essential role in maintaining healthy freshwater ecosystems by controlling prey populations and creating habitat for other species. 

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photo of otters

Come see our river otters, Sugar & Wesley, at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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