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Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Core Values

Our Mission:
Creating Adventure, Conveying Knowledge, Conserving Nature, Serving Community

Strategic Objective:

Inspire Every Visitor With Wildlife Every Day!

What We Believe / How We Act

Achieving our mission requires great people who actively demonstrate the following values & behaviors:

Collaborative Relationships

  • Promotes pro-active, open communication across all levels/departments
  • Actively listens to and values others’ questions, concerns, and ideas
  • Meets face-to-face and fosters open discussions

Positivity & Energy

  • Displays a positive attitude under all circumstances
  • Is passionate and energetic
  • Makes time to celebrate success

Accountability, Mutual Trust & Respect

  • Ensures expectations are well understood and holds self and others accountable
  • Holds self to high standards and always tries to do the right thing
  • Treats others with respect
  • Practices DWYSYWD (Do what you say you will do)
  • Acknowledges mistakes and learns from them
  • Takes ownership of problems/projects and shepherds the process to resolution

Progressive Thinking

  • Challenges the status quo in respectful and productive ways
  • Is a self-directed learner and strives to continuously further own knowledge
  • Demonstrates relentless pursuit for improvement
  • Thinks creatively; is willing to look for new and innovative ways to do things
  • Learns from others, both internally and externally

Pride, Passion & a Sense of Ownership

  • Demonstrates respect and care for the living collection
  • Goes the extra mile to ensure the visitor has a great experience every visit
  • Is always an advocate for the Zoo with all audiences
  • Shows strong personal ownership of the Zoo and careful stewardship of its resources.

If you share our core values, perhaps you belong in a Zoo (our Zoo)! Check out the career opportunities below.

About Working at the Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is an equal opportunity employer and accepts employment applications and/or resumes for current open positions only. Internship opportunities are also available. Requests for accommodation for a disability should be directed to the Human Resources Office.

More Info

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden supports a drug-free and tobacco/nicotine-free workplace. Employment in all Zoo positions is contingent upon the successful completion and passing of a post-offer, pre-employment drug and tobacco/nicotine test.

Employees hired after 7/1/2010 may not smoke or use any form of tobacco products at any time, whether on or off duty, as a condition of employment. This means that you must be nicotine-free by the time of your pre-employment drug screen, which follows an offer of employment and is a condition of hire. The drug test will include a screen for cotinine (a nicotine metabolite). If you currently use any tobacco product, or if you are engaged in a tobacco cessation program, you must be completely free of the use of any nicotine-containing products by the time of your drug screen forward.

Due to the volume of applications we are receiving, we currently do not accept inquiries about applications. Thank you for your understanding.

What Inspires You?

Cincinnati Zoo employees share a passion for wildlife and wild places.  Learn more about what inspires members of our animal staff.

Helping to build the personal connections that visitors have with our animal ambassadors, as well as our staff, is what makes my job so much fun and meaningful. “Helping to build the personal connections that visitors have with our animal ambassadors, as well as our staff, is what makes my job so fun and meaningful.” – Maura M.


The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Internship Program is designed for current college students in their junior or senior year or recent college graduates. Under the guidance and supervision of Zoo staff, interns will develop skills and gain valuable real-world experience in their field of interest. For a minimal fee, housing may be available for a limited number of interns.

Internships are 14 weeks and typically follow a full-time workweek pattern: 4-5 consecutive days per week, ~8 hours per day, generally from 7-8 am to 3-4 pm; final schedules are set by the department supervisor. The CZBG Intern Program provides students with a unique opportunity to be alongside animal care or Zoo staff, gain valuable hands-on experience, develop professional contacts in the Zoo community, and attend lectures and continuing education courses presented by staff from a variety of departments. Topics include basic animal husbandry, operant conditioning, enrichment, nutrition, veterinary care, public speaking and presentations, green practices and conservation, and job-seeking/interview skills.


 The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements: 1) Current college junior or senior working toward a degree in a related field, or a recent graduate with a related degree; 2) hard-working, highly motivated and professional; 3) demonstrate commitment to working with children, adults, and wildlife in a zoo setting; and 4) comfortable working with and handling many different species encompassing all classes of animals.

Successful candidates will embrace and continuously demonstrate the Core Values of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden which include, but are not limited to:  Building Collaborative Relationships through open communication and active listening; having Positivity and Energy through positive attitudes and making time to celebrate successes; having Accountability, Mutual Trust and Respect through taking ownership of issues, learning from mistakes, treating others with respect, holding self and others accountable and doing what you say you’re going to do; possessing Progressive Thinking through being a self-directed learner, and learning from others, thinking creatively, challenging the status quo respectively, and demonstrating relentless pursuit for improvement; and having Pride, Passion & a Sense of Ownership through respect and care for the living collection, going the extra mile, always being an advocate for the Zoo and demonstrating a strong personal ownership.

Working Conditions/Other Requirements:  All internships are unpaid. While performing the duties of this position the intern is regularly required to stand; walk; climb or balance and grasp objects.  In addition, the intern is regularly exposed to outside weather conditions; must be able to lift & move 50 pounds without mechanical assistance. The CZBG is open 364 days a year. Interns can expect to have a regular set schedule but may be scheduled to participate on some weekends, holidays, etc.

  • Appointment is conditional upon passing a pre-start drug & nicotine screen
  • Must provide a negative TB test result prior to beginning the internship
  • Candidates must provide proof of current medical insurance, and maintain this insurance for the duration of the internship

To apply for an internship, qualified applicants must apply via our online application on our website. Please be prepared to provide the following documents and information with your application:

  • Cover letter and resume (PDF format preferred, but will accept Word documents)
  • Contact information for two professional references.

We offer three Internship Sessions per year:

  • Winter Session: Mid-January through mid-April. Applications are accepted Sep 1 – Oct 31.
  • Summer Session: Mid-May through mid-August. Applications are accepted Jan 1 – Jan 31.
  • Fall Session: Mid-September through mid-December. Applications are accepted May 1 – Jun 30.

Exact start and end dates are noted in each area’s description.

Current Internship Opportunities (Unpaid)

Click on the position to view descriptions of each area and/or specific internship goals.

Africa (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Africa.

Animal Collection Commissary (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

This Internship provides work experience within a comprehensive nutrition program and includes animal food production, as well as animal nutrition research components.  Interns do not have direct animal contact. The Commissary is where all food, supplies, ordering, receiving, preparation of, and delivering for all dietary needs of all the animal collection takes place. Interns assist with the preparation of food for all zoo animals under the direction of supervising personnel, assist with inventory and quality control of all perishable foods, assist with the cleanliness of all the Commissary areas, and assist in the delivery of all food/supplies to all animal areas daily.

Animal Excellence Research (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

This professional internship at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will assist the Animal Excellence Coordinator in implementing an evidence-based approach to animal care, excellence, and management.  Using science to better understand animal behavior, animal welfare, and our visitors’ perception of animal well-being is integral to the zoo’s mission and is the best way to promote a thriving animal community and an optimal visitor experience. Interns will assist with applied behavioral research projects and other initiatives related to animal welfare and overall excellence and will attain practical experience conducting research and working in a zoological facility.

Please check out the following link to learn more about the internship’s specific goals here: Animal Excellence Research Internship Description.

Animal Nutrition (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

This internship involves learning the management of the commissary, food safety/handling, quality control, diet formulation, diet records and continual assessment of animal condition for the ~1600 animals exhibited at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. The intern, working alongside the Curator of Nutrition, would work closely with animal management, keepers, researchers and veterinary staff, to provide diet evaluations, animal body condition assessments and product recommendations, along with assisting commissary staff in product purchasing. The intern would be exposed to the development and supervision of a local browse program to fulfill nutrition and enrichment needs of the collection while managing the commissary budget. The intern would track, organize and create diet records as part of learning, conduct research deemed appropriate in the effective and applied animal nutrition program such as food nutrient analysis (sample processing, data collection, and entry) and quality control (forages, feeds, browses, etc.). No direct animal contact takes place in this role. Some computer experience is preferred.

Aviculture Department (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Wings of the World/Aviculture.

Cat Ambassador Program (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Learn the inner workings of a show department and work with the animal trainers of the Cat Ambassador Program. The ideal candidate must be motivated and interested to interact with guests and improve the overall visitor experience. Strong customer service skills are a must. The Cat Ambassador intern will have the responsibility of crowd control and visitor engagement during our public shows. Species in the ambassador programs include cheetah, ocelot, serval, red river hog, and domestic cats and dogs.

Children's Zoo (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Children’s Zoo.

Elephant Department May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Elephant Reserve.

Environmental Education (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

The Zoo’s Education Department taps into the skills, innovation, assistance, energy, and talent of our interns, but also strives to provide interns with real-world experiences that can translate into career preparedness. Interns learn many aspects of informal education including interpretive training and storytelling skills, public speaking, participatory education and inquiry, classroom management, and curriculum development for camps and programs. Interns will be responsible for completing a project related directly to the programs they are assisting with, observing and potentially teaching.

Group Sales (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this position: Group Sales

Horticulture - Native Plant/Wetland (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Interns gain first-hand experience in maintenance and expansion of the Zoo’s Native Plant Program. Interns will also help with growing native federally endangered species, such as Short’s goldenrod, Cumberland sandwort, northern monkshood, running buffalo clover, Virginia spirea and other endangered species. Work also includes propagation, such as divisions, cuttings, and seed collecting and germinating. An intern will also set up and run small research comparisons on native plants and growing conditions. Interns may also work in the CREW lab, which is project dependent. Interns work with native flora, including planting, pruning, watering, mulching, and weeding along with labeling established native gardens. Interns will also help evaluate flora on which species make good landscape plants. Interns will learn identification, cultural requirements, and various propagation techniques for native flora. They may also spend time at our off-site wetlands space at EcOhio Farm. The ideal candidate will be hard-working with a sincere interest in further developing their horticultural knowledge and skills in a public garden setting and students who are motivated to take full advantage of the opportunities provided.  Must be a student currently enrolled in horticulture, landscape architecture or a closely related field.  A knowledge and passion for plants are required; a positive attitude is a must to join our team!

Horticulture - Landscape Design and Maintenance (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

A unique internship experience in public horticulture combining animal immersion habitats in a botanical garden environment. The Botanical Garden features a wide diversity of trees, shrubs, perennials, stunning summer annual displays and a large production nursery. Our internship program offers students a unique opportunity aimed at allowing interns to improve their horticultural knowledge and skills relevant to caring for and managing CZBG’s diverse living collection and grounds.  Working alongside and learning from professional horticulture staff, interns will have the opportunity to gain experience through participation in activities such as pruning, arboriculture, plant propagation, greenhouse and nursery management, IPM, plant records, as well as basic horticultural tasks. The interns’ daily tasks may include assisting with planting, watering, weeding, pruning, mulching and overall daily garden maintenance. In addition, the intern will gain a variety of experience in many facets of public horticulture including record keeping, plant identification, and visitor interaction.  The student should have enthusiasm for working in a public garden and flexibility to perform a wide variety of tasks. The ideal candidate will be hard-working with a sincere interest in further developing their horticultural knowledge and skills in a public garden setting and students who are motivated to take full advantage of the opportunities provided.  Must be a student currently enrolled in horticulture, landscape architecture or a closely related field.  A knowledge and passion for plants are required; a positive attitude is a must to join our team!

Interpretive Collection (May 7 – Aug 24, 2018)

The Interpretive Collection houses the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. Our diverse collection of 200 individual animals encompasses 75 different species that include a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, and invertebrates. We handle our animals daily through positive reinforcement techniques. Two-toed sloths, Greater flamingos, Bat-Eared foxes, Six-banded armadillo, Eurasian Eagle owl, and Cave-dwelling rat snakes are just a handful of species you will be working with!

Invertebrate Husbandry and Display (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: World of the Insect.

Manatee Springs (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Manatee Springs.

Additional qualifications are required for interns in this area:

  1. Certified SCUBA diver [PADI, NAUI, SSI, etc.]
  2. CPR and First Aid Certified
  3. Prior to start date, selected candidate must provide the Dive Safety Officer with written physician approval to dive.

Night Hunters (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Night Hunters.

Primate Department (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following links to learn more about the exhibits/spaces and the animals in our care here:

Reptiles/Dragons (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Reptiles/Dragons.

Vet Tech (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this department and internship here: Vet Tech.

Wild Encounters (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Wild Encounters Interns have the opportunity to be part of our Visitor Engagement effort to encourage our visitors to get “close enough to care.” The Wild Encounters team can be found throughout the park doing animal demonstrations, staffing our feeding stations, and taking animal walks. The team is made up of about 50 staff, volunteers, and interns that carry out the mission of the Zoo, and “inspiring every visitor with wildlife, every day.” Wild Encounters handle animals from cockroaches to snakes to armadillos, and have lots of fun along the way. Interns will gain interpretive skills, animal handling skills, and valuable experience. If you are pursuing a career in informal education in a Zoo setting, this internship is a great start.

Wildlife Canyon (May 14 – Aug 17, 2018)

Please check out the following link to learn more about this exhibit/space and the animals in our care here: Wildlife Canyon.

The application window for the Summer 2018 session (May – Aug) is now CLOSED. Please check back in May for our fall session opportunities.

Thank you for your interest!  If you have additional questions, please email [email protected].

Sales Associate

The Cincinnati Zoo Gift Shops are now hiring fun, energetic, silly, optimistic and outgoing people to add to our team. Start date would be early March. Hours of operation are 9a-5p Monday through Sunday. Saturday and Sunday availability is a must. Cleaning and restocking merchandise are necessary job duties completed after the Zoo closes, typically adding 1.5 to 2 hours to the end of the shift. You will be required to work outside, selling to guests, with a positive attitude in most weather conditions, no exceptions.

Our primary goal is to provide every zoo guest with EXTRAordinary service.

Job Details


  • Be trust worthy and dependable
  • Be contagiously energetic, enthusiastic, silly, fun and goofy
  • Be able to effectively work in a team and independently
  • Have a positive attitude, optimistic outlook and generous smile
  • Be able to work a rotating schedule of 15-30 hours per week
  • Be outgoing and be able to start and carry-on conversations with guests
  • Be able to do simple math, including adding and subtracting without a calculator

Job Duties:

  • #1 priority is giving guests EXTRAordinary service
  • Adding-on items at all areas of service
  • Straightening and stocking the store
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Using cash register
  • Meeting and exceeding sales goals

We also have sales positions available geared towards those with educational backgrounds or experience working closely with children. If you feel that you fit this category, we encourage you to apply and note this in your application. Further information about this position will be provided during the interview process.

Prior retail experience is not necessary for any of our positions, but you must possess the combined skills and knowledge needed to understand and execute outstanding customer service with every guest in a fast paced, ever changing environment.

To apply use the following link: http://bit.ly/1SQHyrl

Floor Supervisor

The Floor Supervisor of The Cincinnati Zoo Gift Shops plays an integral role in making every guest’s experience a happy and memorable one. This person has a strong, visible presence on the sales floor and can always be seen engaging guests, while monitoring the productivity of the associates. The Floor Supervisor leads by example, sets the standard and exemplifies what it means to be Extraordinary.

Hands-on retail and supervisory experience, preferably a year or more, is of paramount importance. The Supervisor must demonstrate competence in all areas of operations, be trustworthy and dependable, and have excellent leadership, interpersonal and customer service skills. 

Job Details

Supervisors will be trusted to carry out all operational procedures in the absence of the managers. Supervisors open and close the stores and registers, as well as other opening and closing tasks. Supervisors also assign tasks to employees, assist cashiers with complex transactions, help customers return or replace merchandise, and supervise housekeeping.

Floor Supervisor Expectations:
– have a solid leadership presence on the sales floor
– consistently lead by example, which includes displaying exceptional customer service skills and being amongst the top sales performers
– be contagiously energetic and enthusiastic
– give clear, concise, constructive feedback and coaching in the moment to sales associates concerning their job performance
– be able to effectively work as part of a team and independently to produce outstanding sales and service results
– have a high sense of urgency, ability to prioritize and confidence to take the initiative
– have a positive attitude, optimistic outlook, and a generous smile
– be able to solve problems and make decisions using your own logic and reasoning skills

Job Duties (including but not limited to):
– manage break schedules
– check-out guests on register when necessary
– give one minute meeting to every associate at the start of their shift
– manage sales floor by consistently walking and monitoring all areas and people
– supervise associates on sales floor to ensure that all policies are being upheld and guest service is the focus.

– prior retail experience
– prior supervisory experience
– experience supervising a team of at least 10+ associates at one time
– able to work 32-40 hours per week, including weekends and some evenings
– be at least 18 years of age
– possess a high school diploma or equivalent

We are looking to fill Supervisor positions for the spring/summer season. Start date would be in early March. Operational hours are 9am-5pm (6pm in summer) followed by 1.5-2hrs of cleaning and restocking. Weekend availability is a must. There will be a rotating schedule of 32-40 hours per week. Benefits are not included.

If you possess the above qualities and believe that you can contribute to our leadership team, PLEASE APPLY USING THE FOLLOWING LINK. COPY AND PASTE IT INTO YOUR BROWSER.


Service Systems Associates, the food and beverage contract-holder for the Cincinnati Zoo, is on the lookout for individuals to be hired for the Catering department.

Job Details

This hands-on position requires leadership responsibilities and an intensive customer focus. If hired, you will start out part-time on an “on-call” basis with a varied schedule. There is potential for growth for individuals that demonstrate superior performance.Qualified candidates will have: a broad food and beverage background and specific catering experience (preferably with off-premise catering); the ability to maintain professional composure and a positive attitude while managing multiple priorities in a challenging, fast-paced, and physically demanding environment; willingness to work at a variety of job tasks and to cross-train into various areas of the operation as needed; team orientation and the ability to motivate others to perform their best; strong organization and communication skills; a desire to “raise the bar” for themselves, our operation, our customers, and our client. Interested applicants must submit a resume by email to the address below to set up an interview.

[email protected]

Culinary and Customer Service Positions

SSA, a third party company with the Cincinnati Zoo is now hiring for all culinary and customer service positions. We are only looking for people who will have MONDAY-FRIDAY availability going into the fall from 9a-6p and who is graduated or no longer in school. Be prepared for an on-site interview.

SSA is looking for applicants who are:

  • Highly Motivated
  • Customer Service Dedicated
  • Prepared for a fast paced environment
  • Skilled with communication and teamwork


  • Reliable Transportation
  • Strong Customer Service & Communication Skills
  • Flexible to work weekend hours
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Energetic people who love to work in a fun-filled, high energy atmosphere
  • Can stand on feet for long periods of time
  • Previous food service experience is a plus, but not a requirement!!!

Questions or interest in setting up an interview? Email Alex at [email protected] with resume attached.


Kaman’s Art Shoppes Opportunities

Kaman’s Art Shoppes is America’s largest amusement and theme park concessionaires. We offer a variety of art, photo, candy and specialty services.

Current opportunities with Kaman’s Art Shoppes at the Cincinnati Zoo are:

  • Handimals
  • Face Painters

Apply here – http://www.kamansjobs.com