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Meet the Team

At CREW, researchers work hard every day using science to learn and applying knowledge to save a future for wildlife.

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Preparing Scientists to Conserve the Future

The potential positive impact that research could have on wildlife conservation is enormous, but the actual impact it will have is limited, both by resource availability and the number of scientists involved in the effort. To help expand the global foundation of scientists conducting conservation-related research, CREW provides training opportunities for aspiring wildlife scientists seeking careers in conservation.

Post-Doctoral Scientists

Post-Doctoral Scientists are trainees that have completed their Ph.D., D.V.M., or both, and are hoping to gain more specialized experience in wildlife conservation. CREW’s Post-doctoral Training program has attracted excellent candidates both nationally and internationally. Trainees have gone on to secure permanent positions in various capacities that allow them to continue pursuing their interests in both wildlife and plant conservation research. Since its inception in 1997, CREW has had more than 20 Postdocs complete their training and move on to rewarding careers.


In recent years, more emphasis has been placed on developing professional internships for aspiring wildlife scientists in the early formative years of their careers. These internships range in focus from wildlife lab management to a particular CREW Signature Project. Interns gain tangible skills in the laboratory and are immersed in wildlife conservation research. After completing internships at CREW, over half of interns advance their education by enrolling in graduate school, whereas others accept jobs conducting research in zoos or gardens, become practicing veterinarians, or get jobs in academia.